Wilson, Brown Attorneys Square off over Whether Ferguson Prosecutor Tried for an Indictment


The attorneys for Ferguson officer Darren Wilson and the family of slain teenager Michael Brown both appeared on Fox News Sunday, where the former said the Grand Jury process was fair and definitive, and the latter cited the prosecutor and the process he led for being biased toward Wilson.

“From his actions it appears that he does not want an indictment, thus they don’t indict,” Brown family attorney Daryl Parks said. “When a prosecutor wants an indictment, a prosecutor puts forward evidence that will line up to get an indictment from an indictment. And a prosecutor, by his actions, whether verbal or nonverbal, indicates to the Grand Jury that I want an indictment in this case.”

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“I find it astonishing that we have criticism of this Grand Jury, because people say they were given way too much information,” Wilson attorney Neil Bruntrager said. “This Grand Jury clearly looked at everything. They asked questions, they were engaged. I don’t know how Mr. Parks says we get in the head of the prosecutor by perhaps some means to figure out that they didn’t want an indictment. I’ve read these transcripts, and what I see is a prosecutor who put all of this information in front of a Grand Jury and said ‘you decide.'”

“We’re not indicting the Grand Jury,” Parks clarified. “I think the process was flawed as was laid out by the prosecutor.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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