Wolf Blitzer Goes Off: Trump Should Not Try to ‘Undermine the First Amendment’

wolf-blitzerAfter going back and forth with Donald Trump adviser Jason Miller about media bias, Wolf Blitzer also made it clear that he doesn’t care for how Trump is trying to “undermine the First Amendment.”

Trump, who has repeatedly attacked Hillary Clinton for wanting to get rid of the Second Amendment, said in a recent interview he doesn’t like America’s free press protections and much prefers how England deals with such things.

Blitzer told Miller this is Trump trying to “undermine the First Amendment.” Miller objected to his “one-sided interpretation” and insisted that Trump is just outraged at the biased media.

Blitzer shot back:

“The whole point, though, is you don’t go after the First Amendment and freedom of the press. That is sacred, as you know, as I know, our viewers know. You don’t try to undermine that and say you’re gonna change the rules of the game, because free press is so critical to our country. I assume you can agree with me on that.”

Miller insisted that Trump supports the First Amendment and that he’s just counterpunching against a system that’s ganging up against him.

Blitzer shot back that this is different from wanting to change the rules to punish journalists.

Watch above, via CNN.

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