Wolf Blitzer Roasts Attendance at Trump Farewell Ceremony: ‘Pathetic, Tiny Little Crowd’


CNN’s Wolf Blitzer roasted the crowd at President Donald Trump’s farewell ceremony on Wednesday, commenting on how “tiny” and “pathetic” it was.

Blitzer’s dig comes after news broke yesterday that Vice President Mike Pence and numerous former Trump employees, including former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci and former Chief of Staff John Kelly, were going to skip his departure ceremony.

The invitation they received also said that guests could bring up to five other people with them to the event. Despite the generous guest-list, Trump’s rally was relatively small as he left Washington D.C. for Mar-a-Lago on his last day as president.

“He’s flying over Washington D.C., right now heading toward Joint Base Andrews. A brief little flight,” Blitzer said as they watched Marine One leave the White House.

“Looked like they wanted to do a little circle over the U.S. Capitol as — and we could hear, where you and I are sitting, John, we could heat that Marine One flying just over our heads not too far away at all. But he should be landing Joint Base Andrews. What a difference four years makes. He had a very impressive, huge crowd at his inauguration. It’s gonna be a little pathetic, tiny little crowd at Joint Base Andrews where he’s going to say goodbye.”

Although smaller than usual, likely due to the coronavirus pandemic and security threats that have shut down D.C., Trump’s goodbye crowd was not as empty as Blitzer suggested.

Blitzer’s comment on the small crowd, which President-elect Joe Biden often had as he campaigned amid a pandemic, is reminiscent of comments made by Trump himself, who often bragged about his large rallies while blasting others for attracting smaller audiences.

Watch above, via CNN.

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