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‘You Know We’re Recording This’ The Daily Show Interviews Sex-Crazed Gubernatorial Candidate

On Thursday night, The Daily Show took something of a breather from Washington politics when correspondent Desi Lydic went out to Arizona and sat down with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Noah Dyer, who has been receiving national attention for being so transparent, something that most politicians aren’t.

But perhaps Dyer is too transparent.

After telling Lydic that his top priorities are reforming education, immigration, and healthcare, Dyer revealed that he has lots of casual sex and sex with married women. When he continued through his list of sex habits (which is also available on his website), an astonished Lydic informed Dyer, “You know we’re recording this.”

Following the interview, Lydic followed Dyer around to speak to ordinary Arizonans, and while they appreciate his honestly, they didn’t want a candidate with such a sex life to be their governor.

Noah Dyer’s life is truly an open book, but it seems he’d be better off if he ripped out a page or two.

Watch the segment above, courtesy of Comedy Central.

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