CNN Panel Absolutely Torches Barr For ‘Completely Inappropriate’ Presser: He ‘Blew It!’


Moments after the conclusion of Attorney General William Barr‘s news conference, a CNN panel absolutely let loose on a press event it deemed to be overtly political.

Legal analyst Carrie Cordero slammed the affair — exclaiming that Barr “blew it” by being partisan.

“The attorney general had an opportunity this morning to rise above the politics, and to adhere to institutional Justice Department — just sticking to what the process was that he was supposed to talk about, and which he said he was actually talking about,” Cordero said. “And he blew it! I mean, he just came out, and to say that the president took ‘no act that deprived the investigation of witnesses or documents,’ when as Jeffrey [Toobin] just said, the president, like other presidents have in the past with investigations, been willing to be interviewed by the special counsel’s team, in addition to all the things the president tweeted against witnesses and people who were involved in the case that could potentially be taken by them as aggressive or intimidating.

“It’s just not a true statement, what the attorney general said just now.”

And legal analyst Laura Coates likewise ripped the proceeding — saying that, in Barr, President Donald Trump has found his “Roy Cohn.”

“It was excessive and suspicious to be pounding the table, and pounding it over the American people’s head, particularly the looming question for many is: Okay, if that was the case, why were there so many lies after the fact? But also in the first ten minutes of his entire discussion, I thought to myself, didn’t the president once ask, ‘Where’s my Roy Kohn?’ Well, he may have found him today because he should be pleased with the person who now serves at his pleasure. Because this person spent an inordinate time talking about, I mean, the Oprah moment of the feelings of the president of the United States? He’s got to be kidding me.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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