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Ex-CNN Pundit Jeffrey Lord Trashes CNN Over Their Defense of Antifa: ‘What Are They Smoking?!?’


On Wednesday night, ex-CNN commentator Jeffrey Lord made an appearance on Fox News and criticized his former network for their representation of the violent leftwing group Antifa.

Laura Ingraham began the segment by playing a clip of CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, who was weighing in on President Donald Trump’s remarks about violence and Antifa after the midterms if Democrats take back control of the House.

Toobin insisted that what Trump meant to say was “I’ll protect you from the scary black people,” elaborating that, according to Toobin, that Antifa is “widely perceived as an African American organization” and that this was about “Trump’s appeal to racism.”

She also played a clip of CNN host Don Lemon defending Antifa, saying that “no organization is perfect.”

Lord had this to say about his former colleagues:

“You know, I know most of these people over there and I like them enormously. I heard that this morning and I almost fell out of my chair sitting in the living room,” Lord told Ingraham. “I mean, what are they smoking? I mean, this is just unbelievable to me. All you have to do is do… is show some pictures here. Pay attention to these folks. Not to mention that these folks are out and out fascists. I mean, they should drop the ‘Anti’ and just be called ‘Fa.’  I mean, this is a bad group of people. They’re into violence, they’re into hurting people. They have no business in the American dialogue, period. And for CNN to be lending them support is mind-boggling.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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