Ben Shapiro Blasts NYT For ‘Protecting’ Pope Francis Amid Abuse Scandal


Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro weighed in on the “astonishing” coverage of the allegations that Pope Francis knew about the abuse that took place in the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania.

What specifically received a lot of attention from critics was how The New York Times framed their report, with the headline “Vatican Power Struggle Bursts Into Open As Conservatives Pounce” on its website and the headline “Francis Takes High Road as Conservatives Pounce, Taking Criticisms Public” in print.

Shapiro began by citing the “great deal of enthusiasm” investigating the sex abuses in the Catholic Church several years ago but because the press “likes” Pope Francis, they have to “rush” to his defense.

He then singled out the NYT for having “one of the worst headlines” he has ever seen.

“The story is not actually serious allegations levied at the head of the Catholic Church by other lead members of the Catholic Church over a cover-up of sexual abuse of children,” Shapiro told Fox News anchor Martha McCallum. “No, the real story is that conservatives might use this to go get an icon for the political left. It just demonstrates that for the left, it does make you wonder whether it’s an actual priority to protect children or whether the higher priority is to protect the politics that they see as imperative.”

The Daily Wire editor-in-chief insisted that if it was Pope Benedict that was caught up in this controversy, the press would justly react like it’s “the end of the world.”

“When people in positions of power are covering for institutional, disgusting, and criminal behavior, that should be end of the world particularly when it’s a religious institution that is tasked presumably God’s word on Earth,” Shapiro continued. “Instead, the press, at least at The New York Times, seem deeply concerned with protecting Pope Francis from any and all comers because they like Pope Francis. I’ve rarely seen a more disgusting example of press behavior than this. It’s truly an amazing, amazing thing.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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