Fox Nation Announces New Tucker Carlson Podcast, Documentary Series


Fox News host Tucker Carlson is bringing a video podcast and documentary series to streaming service Fox Nation, the company announced Wednesday.

Starting in April, Carlson will put out at least three new video podcasts per week, “featuring interviews with newsmakers, as well as a discussion of the issues shaping the country,” according to Fox’s announcement.

Carlson’s documentary series, Tucker Carlson Originals, will “explore a single topic at greater depth than typically done on a live television show,” the announcement said.

Carlson will continue to host his top-rated nightly show, Tucker Carlson Tonight.

According to Fox Nation president Jason Klarman, Carlson’s upcoming original content is part of a new, multi-year deal with the Fox News Channel.

“As we continue to expand and evolve as a service, adding exclusive content from Tucker Carlson will make Fox Nation a must-have service for his most passionate fans,” Klarman said in the announcement.

“This is my twelfth year at Fox News and I’ve never been more grateful to be here,” Carlson added in the statement. “As other media outlets fall silent or fall in line, Fox News Media’s management has redoubled its commitment to honesty and freedom of speech. I consider that heroic at a time like this.”

Carlson’s team behind his nightly show will also produce the new content. Said Carlson senior executive producer Justin Wells, “We have a close relationship with our viewers. We’re excited to continue and expand that relationship on Fox Nation. We have far more stories to tell than we can air in our nightly format. We see this as a welcome expansion of what we’re already doing.”

Wells has also been named vice president of Tucker Carlson Digital Products.

The full press release is available here.

Marisa Sarnoff was a researcher at Fox News from 2015-2020.

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