MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki: Dems Should Be Concerned About the Latino Vote Ahead of the Midterms


On Friday night, MSNBC national political correspondent Steve Kornacki gave Democrats a warning ahead of the 2018 midterms.

During the Overtime segment on Real Time, Kornacki was asked when should Democrats address “how badly they are polling with Latinos.”

“If there’s one worry area for Democrats in terms of November, that’s it right there,” Kornacki responded. “And I think one of the issues there is it’s almost fundamental.”

Kornacki explained to the panel how often in the media and in politics, there’s a generalization that all Latinos care about is immigration and expect Democrats to get the “lion’s share” of the Latino vote.” And he pointed to a recent poll that showed that the top issue among Latino voters was the economy, not immigration.

“One-third of Latinos identified as conservatives. A quarter identified as Republicans,” Kornacki continued. “A poll a couple of weeks ago that had Trump’s approval in one hitting at 41% with Latino voters. I’ve seen it between 35 and 41%.”

The MSNBC analyst also noted that Latino voters have a “historically low participation level” in comparison to other demographics, especially during midterm elections.

“So if you’re a Democrat and you’re looking at California, Texas, Florida, couple other districts around the country where potentially the Latino vote will make or break you, I think that’s your biggest concern right now,” Kornacki told Real Time host Bill Maher. “You got the suburban energy, you got the money, I think that’s a big factor for them.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO (start around the 2:40 mark).


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