Time Commemorates Michael Jackson With Unusual Special Edition


From Time press release, just received (edited version below). Note paragraph in bold. Pulled together in 2 days. Wow.

For Immediate Release


(June 27, New York)—TIME will publish a special commemorative issue on Michael Jackson to hit newsstands on Monday, June 29.

This special edition of the magazine will be published in addition to TIME’s regular weekly issue and will retail for $5.99.

For the special commemorative issue, TIME spoke with Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Nancy Reagan, Lenny Kravitz, Jesse Jackson, Tommy Mottola, Berry Gordy, Spike Lee, Sheryl Crow, Anjelica Huston, Clive Davis, Al Sharpton, Deepak Chopra, Kobe Bryant, Lance Bass, Oscar De La Hoya, Savion Glover, A.R. Rahman, Peter Gabriel, John Mayer and more.

…TIME last published a special edition in between weekly issues in the days following 9/11. The issue sold more than 3.25 million copies in the United States.

The magazine has also published commemorative editions during its regular schedule for Barack Obama’s election and the deaths of Princess Diana, JFK, Jr. and others. The commemorative election issue for President Obama sold 575,000 copies at newsstand, nearly five times a typical issue. The commemorative edition of the magazine that appeared after Princess Diana’s death sold more than 1.1 million copies domestically.

I wonder how the MJ commemorative edition will stack up to Obama. Prediction: It’ll outsell it. Curious how it will stack up against Princess Di. Perspective: Last week’s In Touch issue with the photo of Kate Gosselin spanking photo on the cover sold 1.2 million at the newsstand; People’s “Hot Bachelors” sold 1.1 million.

BTW, Time’s regularly-scheduled cover was a July 4th issue featuring FDR, with another bleh illustration on the cover. It would have bombed at the newsstand; lucky for them, they’ve got another American icon to save the day (and their bottom line). Note that Time releases their new issue on Friday, and Newsweek publishes theirs on Monday – so when news breaks on those intervening days, it can make or break the newsweekly advantage. A neat sidestep of that issue here. This commemorative issue will fly off the newsstands (I’m sure there will be a People one too – I’ve heard they’ve enlisted an army for their cover story).

I’ll update this with the Newsweek press release when I get it – presumably, it’s coming. Michael Jackson is a ratings/traffic/circulation boon, everyone wants a piece of the pie.

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