Twitter Piles on Trump After He Golfs Second Day in Row Following ‘Back to Work’ Tweet


After President Donald Trump successfully saved Christmas from the evil Starbucks hobgoblins, he triumphantly tweeted that he would be getting back to work the very next day, toiling to make America great again “faster than anyone anticipated.”

So, imagine everyone’s surprise when he showed up at the golf course to hit the links with PGA Tour golfer Bryson DeChambau, former PGA player Dana Quigley and Sen. David Perdue.

OK. Day after Christmas, filled to the gills with tryptophan and he golfed, no big deal. There was a senator present, after all, so maybe they talked about, uh, something or another? That’s sort of like work.

Guess what? According to press reports, the president just showed up today at another one of his golf courses to, yeah, once again attempt to hit a very small ball into a very small hole. That’s two days in a row after so enthusiastically exclaiming it was time to get back to work.

According to an NBC report, this is the 86th day he has spent golfing in just under a year in office. Again, it’s very possible he’s on the phone, wheeling and dealing, as he carts around the golf course, but remember, this is the man who repeatedly lampooned Barack Obama for golfing and said he would not “have the time” to golf if elected, also saying he would “just want to stay in the White House and work my ass off.”

So, yeah, being as how it is now two days in a row for Trump on the golf course, coupled with the fact that he is on track to triple Obama’s time on the links, media Twitter took notice. They took notice hard.

The White House has stated that Trump has no public events on the docket for today.

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