Yes, Jerry Springer Really Decried Lack of Civility in America, Gets Immediately Called Out by Stephanie Ruhle


Television host Jerry Springer decried a lack of civility in American society and blamed President Donald Trump, arguing you can’t compare his work on his TV show to what’s going on in the U.S.

“Our leaders … when they misbehave, when they say the norms don’t matter when they say you can use whatever language you want, anything you can get away with, get away with it. If you don’t pay taxes, you’re smart. Demeaning other people. When they have this behavior, it tells society that we really don’t have any norms anymore,” Springer told MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC Live. “We can’t have that in the leadership of our country.”

“Once we do away with civility in terms of our institutions, we’ve lost it,” Springer continued.

Springer, also a former mayor of Cincinnati, famously hosted The Jerry Springer Show–which broadcast messy and frequently uncivil personal disputes to millions of viewers. Ruhle immediately took note of that.

“Jerry, are you saying it’s our leaders that need to set the example?” Ruhle asked. “Because, again, the success of your show in some part was predicated on America’s love of the battle. When people were chanting Jer-ry! Jer-ry! it wasn’t when the people on your stage were hugging it out.”

Springer responded by arguing he was just making a television show.

“First of all, our show was about dysfunctional behavior,” he said. “So obviously everyone who’s going to appear on the show is acting dysfunctionally. That was the point of the show. “But no one ever suggested, never did I do a final thought, and say ‘this is the way you ought to behave.'”

“You can’t compare a crazy television show where you’ve got people that admittedly are dysfunctional and saying, therefore, it’s okay to have an administration that’s dysfunctional … Norms are important,” Springer continued.

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