NBA Commissioner: Sterling Is Banned for Life, Fined 2.5 Million

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver is announcing today that L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling has been banned for life and being fined $2.5 million from the NBA after audio of his racist rant appeared online and invited swift condemnation from the Clippers themselves as well as a number of sports pundits. In the audio picked up by TMZ, Sterling tells his girlfriend to stop publicly associating with black people and going to games with them. Silver confirmed that it is, in fact, Sterling on the tape.

Former NBA players Charles Barkley and Magic Johnson said Sterling needs to go, and Al Sharpton said the NBA should threaten to disband the Clippers, all while suggesting a protest of the NBA wouldn’t be far behind if they didn’t give him the boot.

Fellow NBA owner Mark Cuban condemned Sterling’s “abhorrent” remarks, but said forcing him out would be a “slippery slope” in how the NBA deals with owners.

Watch the announcement below:

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