Cat Fight! Stephen Colbert Ridicules Spat Between CNN And Fox News Reporters

Monday evening CNN’s Nic Robertson called out both Fox News and its reporter Steve Harrigan for what he called “lies and deceit” over reports of Libya’s use of journalists as “human shields.” This spawned somewhat of a rare (and confusing) back and forth between CNN and Fox News, which had many scratching their heads over what was behind the spat. Last night, the whole ordeal was conveniently recapped by Stephen Colbert as part of The Colbert Report‘s on-going coverage “Crisis In The Middle Everywhere!”

As is to be expected, Colbert mocked every participant in the feud, though he seemed to take the most joy in deriding Harrigan’s decision to send “not a reporter” to cover the very story he had previously dismissed as propaganda. Watch the clip embedded below for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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