Nate Silver Talks with Jon Stewart About the ‘Rash of Sh*t’ He’s Getting from Dems

Stats guru Nate Silver joined Jon Stewart on The Daily Show Thursday night to talk about the “rash of sh*t” (Stewart’s words) Silver’s been getting this week for projecting that Republicans will likely take the Senate in November.

Stewart ribbed Silver a bit for working out the kinks on the new FiveThirtyEight site before admitting he very much admires the work Silver does in breaking down the raw numbers. He said the Democrats were flailing “like those little balloons outside of car dealerships” reacting to Silver’s prediction. Silver said he’s been listening to reader criticisms and trying to improve off of it, which led Stewart to quip, “I don’t think you understand the media world, my friend.”

Silver said all the criticism he’s getting feels like “someone’s throwing apples at your kids.” Stewart told him that stats and analysis are “pundit fuel,” and so what he does is incredibly important because it actually gives context and relevance to the numbers people throw around on a regular basis.

Watch the video below, via Comedy Central:

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