SNL’s Kim Jong Un ‘Evolves’ On Same-Sex Marriage, Takes Advice From The Real Dennis Rodman

During Saturday Night Live‘s cold open this evening, Bobby Moynihan‘s version of Kim Jong Un gave a speech before the North Korean legislative body, explaining the revival of the nation’s nuclear program, his decision to end the ban on same-sex marriage because of his own gay nephew, and his 100% perfect NCAA bracket selections.

Oh, and Dennis Rodman (the real one, not an impersonation) showed up to give some advice to his “best friend.”

The Korean dictator decides to end the same-sex marriage ban, citing his own “evolution” on the issue because of his own gay nephew, whom he had to execute — not because he was homosexual but because he hosted a book reading club in his apartment. This political decision prompted the dear leader to emphatically denounce the possibility that he himself would benefit from ending the same-sex marriage ban, explaining that he has slept with millions of women, each of whom has experienced their first orgasm while with him.

Later on, while talking about his perfect NCAA selections (which is actually 1-in-128 billion odds), Kim Jong Un explained that he had some great advice… from his new best friend… Rodman himself.

Watch below, via NBC:

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