Biden Hails Senate Passage of $1.9T Covid Relief Bill, Takes Shot at Trump: No More ‘Battling on Twitter’


President Joe Biden praised the passage of his American Rescue Plan on Saturday, contrasting his administration’s action to his predecessor’s obsession with insulting others on social media.

After a long, 24-hour procedural session, the Senate passed an amended version of the House Covid relief bill on Saturday afternoon along a straight, party-line vote, 50 – 49.

Biden hailed the measure as ‘significant” and “historic,” noting that experts estimate it will cut child poverty in half.

There’s much more to this bill, but for now, let me make one final point,” Biden said before taking a not-so-subtle shot at former President Donald Trump. “When I was elected, I said we were going to get the government out of the business of battling on Twitter and back in the business of delivering for the American people, of making a difference in their lives, giving everyone a chance, a fighting chance of showing the American people that their government can work for them.”

“I really want to thank the American people for making all this possible,” he added. “Without the overwhelming bipartisan support of the American people, this would not have happened. Your elected officials heard you. Overwhelming public support. Every public opinion poll shows overwhelming support for this plan and for the last weeks it’s shown that. Every public opinion poll shows the people want this. They believe it’s needed. And they believe it’s urgent. Now this bill returns to the house of representives, which have done a great job from the beginning, where I hope it will find qck passage so it can be sent to my desk to be signed into law. By passing the American rescue plan, we’ll have heeded the voice of the American people, not ignored their voices.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.


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