Fake News

The Rock Says Interview With Tabloid Where He Supposedly Bashed Snowflakes is ‘100% False’: ‘Never Happened’

UN Special Rapporteur Calls Trump ‘Worst Perpetrator’ of Fake News in America

Gretchen Carlson Drags Roger Ailes Movie: Nicole Kidman ‘Looks Nothing Like Me’

Trump Slammed for Tweeting Out Fake News Phrase That’s ‘Inspired Violence Against CNN’

Morning Joe Blasts Sarah Sanders Post-Trump Rally Press Briefing: ‘Pure Conspiracy, Pizzagate Nonsense’

WRONG: Reporter Deletes Tweet Claiming Russian Spy Was in Oval Office with Trump

Bill Clinton Calls Out Trump Immigration Policies in Somber Father’s Day Message: ‘Children Should Not Be a Negotiating Tool’

Newly Discovered Post Reveals Joy Reid Promoted Alex Jones 9/11 Conspiracy Documentary On Blog

Trump’s ‘Rigged Russia Witch Hunt’ Morning on Twitter (Unpredictably!) Dunks on Hillary Losing in 2016

Trump Blasts ‘Fake News Media’ for Not Reporting on AT&T’s Planned Merger With Time Warner

Trump Trashes Journos in Correspondents Dinner Email: ‘Bunch of Fake News Liberals Who Hate Me’

Federal Judge Rebukes Hannity, Limbaugh For Using Whitey Bulger Scandal to Smear Mueller

Zuckerberg on Russian Meddling in U.S. Elections: ‘This Is An Arms Race’

Comedian Amy Schumer Nixes Interview With Sinclair Station Following Controversy

Watch Guardian’s Stunning Interview With Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower: ‘A Grossly Unethical Experiment’

Jesse Watters Takes On Hillary Clinton’s Health: She’s ‘Acted a Little Erratic in The Past’

Trump Goes After ‘The Fake News’ for Reaction to McCabe Firing: ‘Beside Themselves’

Trump Insists U.S. Has Trade Deficit With Canada After Tapes Leak of Him Admitting It Doesn’t

New Report Reveals Trump Once Demanded Tillerson Finish a Caesar Salad: ‘Rex, Eat the Salad’

Charlottesville Counterprotester Sues InfoWars And Other Far-Right Media Figures For Defamation

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