Gold Star Family Member Says White House Hung Up on Her When She Called With Concerns About Tax Hikes

Some Gold Star families saw a dramatic increase in their tax burden due to the changes in the tax code this year.

And according to one family member — whose son receives survivor benefits — the White House and members of Congress have been less than receptive to their concerns.

Jessica Braden-Rogers spoke with CNN’s Don Lemon about her plight on Wednesday night.

According to Braden-Rogers, other families like hers are expressing the “same frustration, anger, shock” over the changes.

“None of us found out until we were filing our taxes,” she said.

She then added that she has been reaching out to members of Congress and even tried to reach out to the White House through the comment line to get relief.

“I was hung up on by them,” she said. “And I have received no responses. And so have many of the military widows that I’ve spoken to.”

Braden-Rogers also noted that the taxes are a true burden on families, who sometimes must choose between making a car payment, paying for food or covering the unexpected tax bill.

“It’s that dire in many cases,” she said.

“We’ve already sacrificed enough. And this is just even more sacrifice,” she further stressed.

Watch above, via CNN

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