Gold Star Family Finally Receives $25,000 Check Trump Promised Months Ago


To close a side-chapter in President Donald Trump’s ongoing existential back-and-forth with Gold Star families, the family of the late Corporal Dillon Baldridge has received President Trump’s promised $25,000 check.

In the likely case that you forgot about this with the flood of other Gold Star family/Trump news over the past week, President Trump initially promised this check to Dillon’s father Chris Baldridge back in mid-June after a 15-minute call.

The truly memorable part of this story is that initially the White House responded to media reports about the late check with righteous indignation before it came out that they didn’t send out the check until they were contacted by the Washington Post.

Regardless, the family is happy and appreciative of the President’s delayed generosity. Speaking to ABC 11, the family provided an excerpt from a thank you letter they are writing. Addressed to President Trump, the Baldridges wrote:

“We want you to know how grateful we are for this generous gift from you. We also want you to know that we intend to use this money to start a non-profit organization in Dillon’s name into something you can be proud of … Our goal is to help as many fellow Americans as possible for the rest of our lives.”

The President sent a letter to them as well:

With the check has been received and the family satisfied, this story is likely over. One thing is for sure and it is that the act will likely be forgotten among tomorrow’s avalanche of Gold Star headlines.

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