Jake Tapper Challenges Amy Klobuchar: ‘You’re Not Going to Give Trump ANY Credit’ for Record Unemployment?


Last week a new jobs report came out and revealed the lowest unemployment rate (3.6%) in nearly 50 years. Shortly thereafter, CNN’s Jake Tapper received accolades (especially from the right) for asking on air if President Donald Trump wasn’t getting enough credit for the economy.

Tapper hit a similar note Sunday morning during an interview with Senator Amy Klobuchar, opening by noting to the 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful the “strong economic news on Friday” which he noted featured “unemployment at its lowest level in almost 50 years, wages grew faster than prices did.” He then asked if his guest gives President Trump the credit.

Klobuchar demurred on the specific question, saying instead that she gives “our workers and businesses the credit,” adding “when you’re out there across the country, you see people working harder and harder every day, and this has meant that our businesses are strong and we’re selling American goods.” She then continued to note that not everyone is sharing in the benefits of the hot economy.

Tapper pushed back with “unemployment is the lowest it’s been since I was nine months old. You’re really not going to give President Trump any credit for that in terms of tax cuts or deregulation or anything he’s done?”

Klobuchar then pivoted to Obama’s impact on the economy, noting that his policies he put in place that started the recovery, then the downside of Trump’s “mean” tweets.

Watch above via CNN.

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