Trump Invites Onstage South Carolina Fans Who Booted Protester

At a rally in South Carolina Tuesday, Donald Trump welcomed onstage two of his fans who booted a protester from the crowd, inviting them to take the podium and address the audience. “I love these guys,” Trump said.

The protester used “nasty language, really horrible language,” according to Trump, and Right Wing Broadcasting noted that they also flashed the middle finger; the only thing audible on the livestream is some commotion promptly drowned out by Trump fans shouting “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

“Do not let them intimidate you,” said one of the men. “You back this man right here to the hilt.” Delivering what could be mistaken for one of The Donald’s own stump speeches, the rally’s self-appointed bouncer told Trump supporters that both the Republicans and Democrats in power needed to be replaced with “fresh blood,” “fresh thinking,” and “my man, Donald Trump,” who was “the best we got, by far.”

Trump praised the first fan as a “great public speaker.” The second man to take the podium said he was a veteran with two tours of Iraq and a police officer. “If it wasn’t for Mr. Trump right here, I don’t think any of us would have the voice that we do. This is the only man that can really bring America back.” The man told Trump, “My departments and the departments around me — we need you.”

“Great,” Trump said. “I mean, that’s so cool.”

[image via screengrab]
Video via Right Side Broadcasting

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