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Biden Acknowledges Clyburn Criticism That Campaign Needs ‘Retooling’: ‘We Have to Do a Lot Better’

Joe Biden, fresh off his South Carolina win, said today he accepts the criticism from James Clyburn about the need for campaign “retooling.”

Clyburn’s endorsement was incredibly beneficial to Biden’s campaign after struggles in earlier states, and prior to the primary Saturday, he said the Biden campaign is in need of retooling:

“I did not feel free to speak out about it or even deal with it inside, because I had not committed to his candidacy. I have now. I’m all in. And I’m not going to sit idly by and watch people mishandle this campaign. We are going to get it right.”

Chuck Todd asked Biden about the quote and whether “you accept his critique that you’ve had people running your campaign that have mishandled this campaign.”

“I accept the critique that we have to do a lot better,” Biden said. “I think the people running the top of the campaign are doing a great job. And inside each state we’ve had, there are different qualities and capabilities of people… As we move on, every primary, every caucus, we’re attracting more people of talent to join us. So I’m ready and wide open to accept the criticism of people like Jim Clyburn, as I have with others.”

Todd asked him if he thinks he’ll be able to win the primary before the convention. Biden said “I know I can,” but Todd suggested it seems inevitable that “you and Sanders may have to work this out at the convention.”

Biden repeated his optimistic goal and said the race is moving to states with more diverse constituencies where he expects to do well.

You can watch above, via NBC.

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