CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Reports Trump Is ‘Much More Consumed About’ Election Fight Than the Pandemic


CNN’s Kaitlan Collins reported Wednesday night that President Donald Trump is “much more consumed” about his election fight than the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Collins spoke with Erin Burnett hours after the United States officially reached the grim milestone of 250,000 covid deaths. Cases and hospitalizations and daily death tolls are reaching alarming heights as public health officials warn of a grim winter — even amid encouraging news of vaccines on the horizon.

On the delayed transition, Collins noted how some Trump allies are starting to give a little, conceding slightly that briefings should begin.

“There are current and former trump administration officials who have been reaching out to people they believe are going to be in the Biden administration or are on the Biden transition team, to try to start to get those conversations going,” Collins reported.

Collins took note of Trump’s absence from public view since the election:

“We have not heard from the president on this, we haven’t heard from him at all. He hasn’t taken our questions in over two weeks. So we haven’t seen the president since on Friday, and the White House insists he’s still working, he’s still focused on coronavirus. But Erin, we should note, the president hasn’t attended a task force meeting in five months, even though they’ve had one held just in that last week. So that gives you an idea. We’re actually told by sources he’s much more consumed by the state of this election and contesting the results than he is with the pandemic surging across the country.”

“His actions certainly show that to be the case,” Burnett said.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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