Former Prosecutor on Fox News Criticizes Trump Campaign: Not Well Served Holding ‘Legal Pep Rallies’


Former federal prosecutor Jim Trusty said on Fox News Thursday the Donald Trump campaign should not being doing “Legal pep rallies” right now.

Trusty spoke with Neil Cavuto about the Trump campaign’s legal challenges, particularly their efforts in Michigan (which has been called for Joe Biden) and Pennsylvania (which as of this posting has not been called.

Regarding the question of the Supreme Court, Trusty said, “You have a conservative Supreme Court. They generally are not going to want to wade into state process for the sake of wading into state process. So ironically you’ve got Democrats that are hoping that judicial conservatism wins the day and conservatives are probably thinking we need a little activism from the Supreme COurt to reach out and get involved in this stuff.”

Cavuto asked about the protests and how tensions are flaring over the counting and the results so far.

“The courts shouldn’t be responding to mobs from either side,” Trusty said. “That brings me to a related point. I don’t think the president is really well-served right now by the lawyers spending their time right now doing basically legal pep rallies. That’s not really what matters at this juncture. Getting people whipped up and say we can prove it. It’s actually proving it. It’s coming up with evidence that you can put into a civil complaint that’ll withstand the scrutiny and be sufficient for a higher court to act on it.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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