Fox’s MacCallum Confronts Kellyanne Conway on Polls, Blistering WSJ Editorial Saying Trump’s ‘Reverted to His Worst Form’


Right now President Donald Trump trails Joe Biden in several major polls and while obviously anything can happen between now and November, there’s been talk this week about the incumbent’s prospects looking grim.

The Wall Street Journal editorial board penned a blistering piece calling out Trump and how he “refuses to acknowledge what every poll now says is true” about his falling approval ratings.

“Now the election is four months away, voters know him very well, and Mr. Trump has reverted to his worst form,” it reads. They lambasted him for “turning his daily pandemic pressers into brawls” and for his current “defensive self-congratulation” about the pandemic when it’s far from over and even the fact he prefers to send out “combative tweets that inflame” over the civil unrest in the country instead of showing empathetic leadership.

Fox News’ Martha MacCallum confronted White House counselor Kellyanne Conway Friday on that tough warning and what the polls suggest right now about the state o the race.

“You hear those editorials, a lot of that sentiment out there today that says that the president sort of need to shift, needs to understand that the moment has changed, and to meet people where they are in the country right now. What do you say to that?” MacCallum asked.

Conway talked up Trump’s leadership during the pandemic and the economic crisis. She took a few shots at Joe Biden before bringing up events the president has held on jobs.

As she continued, MacCallum jumped in and said, “That doesn’t change what we’re seeing in the polls, which is a disconnect. And this is something people are talking about a lot in the country, and in many cases I’ve had people say to me, why doesn’t the present do an Oval Office address where we can sort of see his heart on these issues when it comes to racial injustice, when it comes to the fear that people have that the coronavirus is coming back, that it is emerging in places people hoped it would not emerge at this point? They want a connection with the president that in many ways they feel they are not getting and we’re seeing it in a lot of this polling that we are seeing.”

“Regardless of the fact that you can list things that you feel make the case, the connection with what people are seeing and understanding appears to be flipping,” MacCallum added.

Conway said the polls are “precisely where I think they would be right now,” before going into some of the poll methodology a bit.

As far as the issue of connection and compassion, Conway called Trump “the most transparent, available president” and added, “he addressed George Floyd’s murder for the first time down at NASA, it got very little coverage. People just always want it to be the word and the semicolon where they think it should be.”

You can watch the full segment above, via Fox News.

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