Joe Walsh Blasts Republican Party for Canceling Four State Primaries: GOP Voters Should Be ‘Marching With Pitchforks’


Former Congressman and declared 2020 presidential candidate Joe Walsh blasted the Republican Party for being “on its knees” in service of President Donald Trump and said the party’s base should be “marching with pitchforks” to protest several states canceling their GOP primaries.

Over the weekend, state Republican parties in in Kansas and Arizona as well as the key primary states of Nevada and South Carolina, voted to cancel their primaries or caucuses. Former South Carolina governor Mark Sanford also joined the GOP presidential primary race over the weekend, bringing to three — along with Walsh and former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld — the number of notional 2020 rivals to Trump.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Walsh condemned the state parties’ moves and said it demonstrated a strong, anti-democratic streak by the Republican Party. Trump, who still enjoys overwhelming support among the GOP faithful, has excused the moves, calling his opponents “a total joke” and saying the four states “don’t want to waste their money.”

“They’re on their knees, prostrated in front of their king,” Walsh said, before repeating a line of attack on the party. “Look, I apologize for my language, but this is absolute undemocratic bullshit. What Donald Trump and the Republican Party are doing… think about this, Anderson. They are denying Americans the right to vote.”

When Cooper pointed out that both parties have cancelled primaries in the past, Walsh noted that the circumstances were different.

“It happened with Obama and the [Democratic] Party [in 2012], when there was no presidential primary opposition at all,” Walsh explained. “Right now, Anderson, you’ve got three credible challengers, two former Republican governors, and a former Republican congressman.”

“I know we get numb and I get numb in this world of Trump, because every day there’s a scandal, every day there’s an outrage, every day, Anderson, there are attacks on our democracy,” Walsh added. “But this goes well beyond. Donald Trump is trying to prevent people from voting. Think about that. He’s in cahoots with the Republican Party to disenfranchise voters. Every voter in South Carolina, Arizona, and Kansas ought to be marching with pitchforks right now.”

Watch the video above, via CNN.

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