Kayleigh McEnany Says Trump Will Attend Inauguration in January — HIS OWN Inauguration


Fox Business anchor Stuart Varney appeared a bit gobsmacked when White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany proclaimed that President Donald Trump intends to attend the inauguration in January—his own inauguration.

The curious moment came as the normally very pro-Trump Varney pressed McEnany on the rather dire situation the Trump campaign finds itself, given that every reputable news outlet has projected President-elect Joe Biden to be the winner.

Varney quoted from a competing news network, noting “Trump may accept results but never concede that he lost.”

McEnany responded by saying that President Trump is “not at that point,” adding  “he is pursuing this litigation and we also know about the counting machines that had a problem in at least one county were 6,000 votes went to Joe Biden and switched over to Trump.”

That story has yet to be verified by a reputable news outlet, however.

After McEnany continued to outline how she thinks Trump could still win, Varne asked “are you prepared to say that the president will definitely attend the inauguration?”

McEnany demurred, saying “we are talking January and President Trump believes he will be president.”

Varney pressed: “would look pretty bad if he did not attend the inauguration, it would look like sour grapes.”

McEnany replied that she thinks “the president will attend his own inauguration, he would have to be there in fact,” to which the somewhat stunned Varney pushed back “you really think you can turn this around!?”

“Absolutely,” McEnany reiterated, just as a loyal soldier would.

Watch above via Fox Business.

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