comScore Sanders Throws Shade at MSNBC for 'Horrific' Attacks on Him

On CNN, Sanders Throws Serious Shade at MSNBC for ‘Horrific Things’ Said About Him on ‘One TV Channel’

During a post-debate appearance on CNN, Democratic primary frontrunner Bernie Sanders threw some serious shade at MSNBC for the incendiary attacks on him coming from the network.

Speaking with CNN’s Erin Burnett and Dana Bash, Sanders addressed the numerous shots he endured at the South Carolina debate.

“The overall tone of attacks on you were not just about you because they want to be the frontrunner not you, it was about you as an existential threat to the Democrats and the notion of trying to be Donald Trump,” Bash noted. “And I’m wondering how you combat that on the presidential level but also down ballot. I know I have heard from lots of Democrats who are focussed on and even themselves trying to win again in suburbs who are freaking out.”

“Let’s be clear, the establishment is freaking out,” Sanders said, before firing back at CNN’s rival — without naming it — for some of the outrgaeous insults thrown at on him from that network. “The corporate media to a large degree is freaking out. As you’re aware, horrific things have been said about me, on at least one television channel.”

“The establishment is worried. Wall Street is worried. Drug companies are worried. Fossil fuel is worried. They should be,” Sanders continued. “In the last 50 polls that have been done nationally. Sanders beat Trump 47 times out of 50. I will beat Trump in battleground states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Look at the polling. I beat Trump. The way you beat Trump in my view is to have the largest voter turn out in the history of the country. If you run a campaign in the same old same old way that we have run it in the past, energy and excitement. Working class people get involved in the process and bringing millions of young people into the political process and we are doing that.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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