comScore Only Biden Beats Trump in New Florida and Virginia Polls

Only Joe Biden Beats Donald Trump in New Florida and Virginia Polls

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Former Vice President Joe Biden is the only Democratic presidential candidate who beats President Donald Trump in a pair of new polls of Florida and Virginia.

According to the most recent Mason Dixon polls, Biden holds leads over Trump in Virginia and Florida, although not large ones.

In Virginia, Biden leads Trump by four points, 49 percent to 45 percent. Of the other candidates polled, Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders fares the worst, trailing Trump by six points, garnering 45 percent support to Trump’s 51 percent. Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren trails Trump by four points, and South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is within two points of Trump.

Biden also has a huge lead in net favorability among Virginia voters, at 51 percent favorable to 33 percent unfavorable. Every other candidate is underwater, with the exception of Buttigieg, who’s at 33 percent favorable to 30 percent unfavorable.

This is better news for Biden than if he were trailing, but also a reason for concern for Democrats. In a September UMV poll, Biden led Trump by 17 points.

Things are closer — if more stable — in Florida, where polls have consistently shown a closer contest between Trump and Biden. Biden leads Trump 47 to 45, while Warren trails by nine points, Sanders loses by five, and Buttigieg trails by four points. In Florida, Biden is the on;y candidate with positive net favorability at 45 percent favorable to 41 unfavorable.

In the contest for the Democratic presidential nomination, Biden holds about a ten-point lead in national polls, while a new Morning Consult poll of early states shows Biden with a sixteen point lead over his nearest competitor, Bernie Sanders, likely on the strength of Biden’s sizable leads in South Carolina and Nevada.

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