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Susan Sarandon Throws Not-So-Subtle Shot at Elizabeth Warren: ‘…Used to Be a Republican’


Susan Sarandon Takes Shot at Elizabeth Warren for Being Former GOP

At a Democratic campaign event in Iowa where she introduced 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders, actress and left-wing political activist Susan Sarandon threw a not-so-veiled jab at his progressive rival, Sen. Elizabeth Warren: “He is not someone who used to be a Republican.”

Sarandon, who was a fervent Sanders supporter in 2016 — and who went on to advocate and vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein instead of Clinton — remains one of the Vermont senator’s most outspoken fans. Warren has not ducked the fact that she was a registered Republican up through the mid-1990s, and has explained several times why she switched parties and moved to the left politically. Sanders remains an Independent in his Congressional affiliation, but back in March as he kicked off his 2020 campaign, he signed a Democratic National Committee loyalty pledge that said: “I am a member of the Democratic Party.”

Throughout the Democratic primary so far, Warren and Sanders, both progressives, have held their fire when given the opportunity to criticize each other and instead offered solidarity against attacks by Republicans and moderate Democrats. And just three weeks ago, Sanders formally swore off the idea of attacking Warren in future primary debates.

But this pledge clearly doesn’t extend to his campaign surrogates—and Sarandon taking the gloves off against Warren clearly rankled some establishment Democrats who still consider Sarandon’s public opposition to Clinton three years ago to be a grave betrayal.

Screengrab via Politico’s Holly Otterbein Twitter feed.

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