Stacey Abrams: Failed Run in 2018 Positions Her ‘Just as Capable’ as ‘Anyone Running’ for President in 2020


Former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate and now 2020 presidential contender Stacey Abrams says her failed campaign in 2018 is what will help her win her next election.

“I think that the success I had in our election transforming the electorate, the work I’ve done as a business leader, as a civic leader, as a political leader positions me to be just as capable as becoming the president of the United States as anyone running,” Abrams told the hosts of CBS This Morning.

The Democratic candidate thanked the people who encouraged her to run for office Tuesday morning, saying she hadn’t initially thought of the idea for herself even though she had been “having drinks” with other people who were thinking of running for office. She added she hopes to run her presidential campaign differently than she ran her gubernatorial campaign.

“My responsibility… is to make sure I’m running for the right reasons and at the right time, and this is not the conversation I was having with myself last year,” she said.

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