Trump Confidante Chris Christie Reveals Biden Transition Team Already in Talks With White House


Former 2016 Trump transition team leader Chris Christie revealed that the Biden administration transition team has already been in contact with the Trump White House to begin the transfer of power.

During an appearance on ABC’s election coverage, Christie was asked by anchor George Stephanopoulos about his experience as the incoming Trump administration’s lead transition official in 2016. The ABC anchor began by noting that the transition efforts mostly happen behind the scenes and the cooperation involved can stand in stark contrast to the political differences among outgoing and incoming presidents.

“Chris, you were the original transition director for President Trump last time around. do you think beneath the Biden – Trump level, the teams will get together pretty quickly?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“They already have. The laws require that. Ted Kaufman is running his transition. He’s already been talking to Chris Liddell in the White House,” Christie divulged, referring to Biden’s longtime adviser and the Trump White House deputy chief of staff.

“I think what you’ll see now with the transition is they have to get landing teams in every department as well,” he added. “The thing we recommended to Trump in 2016 was, decide who your chief of staff is going to be, get your senior White House people in place, and then have them be part of the decision making process of how you put a cabinet together.”

Watch the video above, via ABC.

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