Tucker Carlson Issues On-Air Apology After Touting Now-Debunked Trump Claim of Dead Georgia Voter


During his program this week, Tucker Carlson opened his show talking up reported cases of dead people voting in the election, touting claims from the Donald Trump campaign.

During the segment, Carlson said, “We’ve tried to be careful and precise as we report this out. In moments like this, truth really matters more than ever. False allegations of fraud can cause as much damage as the fraud itself. Jussie Smollett hurt more people with his lies than any actual hate crime, and the last thing America needs right now is more damage. So we want to be accurate. What we are about to tell you is accurate. It’s not a theory. It happened and we can prove it.”

After taking shots at other media outlets, Carlson brought up the four cases of dead voters in Georgia the Trump team flagged, including James Blalock and Linda Kesler, followed by a graphic showing names of others whose votes were reportedly counted after they died.

On Friday, Atlanta station 11Alive debunked the Trump team’s claims about Blalock and Kesler — revealing that 1) it was Blalock’s widow Agnes who voted as “Mrs. James Blalock” and 2) the Trump team got the wrong Linda Kesler. The segment that aired on the network showed clips from Carlson’s segment.

On Friday night, Carlson issued an apology for one of those claims:

“We’ve got some good news tonight, and an apology. One of the people who voted in last week’s election isn’t dead. James Blalock is still dead, we told you about him, but it was his wife who voted. She voted as Mrs. James Blalock. It’s old-fashioned and we missed it. Now, a whole bunch of dead people did vote, we showed you their names, we proved it, but James Blalock was not among them. It was Mrs. James Blalock. So apologies for that, and of course we’re always going to correct when we’re wrong. And we were.”

You can watch part of the original segment and the apology above, via Fox News.

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