Lou Dobbs Goes Full Conspiracist, Angrily Demands GOP Refuse to Accept Election Results That Deny Trump ‘What Is Rightfully His’


Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs is all-in on President Donald Trump’s absurd, scattershot, and completely baseless conspiracy theories that he has somehow won the 2020 election — and he will accept no Republican dissent from this alternate reality.

Speaking with Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) on his show on Friday evening, the stridently pro-Trump Fox host demanded to know why the rest of the GOP has not stepped up to defend the president’s election fraud claims, even as they are refuted by his own government and continue to fall apart under the slightest scrutiny.

“You know, the president doesn’t want a statue erected to him. What he wants is a free and fair election and honest results,” Dobbs angrily said to Nunes.

“Right…” Nunes began.

“And it’s being denied to him…Dobbs said, cutting off the Congressman while notably citing no proof to back up his false claim. “It’s outrageous, and what I — if I may — what I’d like to know is what in the hell is the Republican Party doing to defend and to, I mean, why not just say we’re not going to accept the results of this election? It’s outrageous.”

When Nunes agreed and tried to pivot to the importance of Republicans signing up for the Twitter and YouTube alternatives, Parler and Rumble, Dobbs wasn’t having it.

“Good lord, Congressman, you know, with all due respect, Congressman, and I respect the hell out of you,” a fiery Dobbs said, breaking in again, “the pushing Parler and Rumble is not an answer to what I’m asking. You’ve got to have something to say and you’re on either one of those the, I’d hope there’d be more, I would hope there’d with more interest in the content than in the messenger.”

“I think we’re both saying the same thing here, Lou,” Nunes replied, before complaining about the lack of TV programs that would have him on as a guest. He went on to insist, absent any evidence, to contradict Biden’s massive vote lead across numerous swing states, that the election should not have been called for President-elect Joe Biden.

“What are you doing? What is the party doing to make certain it isn’t called?” Dobbs raged in response, stepping all over Nunes’ reply. “I see so little animation in the Republican Party on this. It’s as if it’s just another day at at the store. And when, in fact, I believe the fate of the republic hangs in the balance here. Don’t you?”

“I couldn’t agree with you more,” a backpedaling Nunes said, before making yet another pitch for the alternative social media sites.

“I will stipulate, go to Rumble, go to, you know, go to Parler,” Dobbs assented. “But that’s, you know, a simple question. Go do it. Now what?!”

After Nunes’ answer once more didn’t seem to satisfy Dobbs, the Fox host angrily declared: “Knowledge is power and what the American people know because of this contested election is that it cannot, it cannot stand. It’s outrageous. Don’t you agree?”

“I agree, I totally agree,” Nunes said, again rushing to assuage Dobbs. The congressman then offered up a bizarre theory that the Democrats had gone through all the effort to steal the election, but only by narrow margins, leaving to chance that recounts would easily uncover their fraud.

“These states are way too close to call. And what we’re witnessing here is, is a choreographed, a well-choreographed play that was written before this election,” Nunes said. “If it was too close, they were going to riot in the streets. They have just enough, what are they doing? Moving past everything trying to cover it up.”

Picking up on this bonkers thread, Dobbs referenced the 2018 confirmation fight of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, random Antifa violence, and Black Lives Matter protests as further indications of a vast, long-term plot to illegally install Biden.

“This is an effort to intimidate,” Dobbs said, wrapping up the unhinged segment. “This is an attempt to take over the country and deny this president what is rightfully his, a second term.”

Watch the video above, via Fox Business Network.

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