WATCH: Warren Refuses to Shake Bernie’s Hand After Debate, Bernie Throws Up Hands After They Speak


Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) did not shake hands following the conclusion of a tense Democratic primary debate in De Moines, Iowa Tuesday night.

In the video above, Warren can be seen moving toward Sanders. But the Massachusetts senator pulls her hand back when Sanders extends his.

During a tense segment of the debate, the two senators were both confronted by questions on whether Sanders told Warren he believed a woman could not win the presidency at a private dinner in 2018. Following a CNN report regarding that dinner, Sanders vehemently denied making the comment. Warren eventually backed the CNN reporting, accusing Sanders of the sexist comment in a statement.

“Well, as a matter of fact, I didn’t say it,” Sanders said when asked at CNN’s debate. “And I don’t want to waste a whole lot of time on this, because this is what Donald Trump and maybe some of the media want. Anybody who knows me knows that it’s incomprehensible that I would think that a woman cannot be president of the United States.”

When CNN’s moderator turned to Warren, she stood by her statement, and made a forceful case for a woman winning the presidency.

“I think the best way to talk about who can win is by looking at people’s winning record,” she said. “So, can a woman beat Donald Trump? Look at the men on this stage. Collectively, they have lost ten elections. The only people on this stage who have won every single election that they’ve been in are the women.”

The candidates are vying for a shot to the progressive vote and propel their candidacy to take on President Donald Trump in November. Sanders, who remained a steady constant throughout the early months of the campaign, despite relatively little media attention, has emerged as a frontrunner in the race — just weeks before the Iowa caucuses.

Watch above, via CNN.

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