Breakfast Club Debates Why DaBaby was Pulled from Concerts When Eminem Wasn’t Despite ‘Homophobic Lyrics’


Charlamagne Tha God and his Breakfast Club co-hosts debated the backlash DaBaby received for recent homophobic comments — DJ Envy questioning why some stars, including Eminem, seemed to get more of a pass from fans and corporations.

“What he said was absolutely wrong, but let me ask you a question, do you think he should be pulled and banned from these concerts?” DJ Envy asked Charlamagne and co-host Angela Yee. 

Charlamagne asserted that the condemnation DaBaby faced, as well as his removal from multiple festival lineups, was justified as “you’re always going to be held accountable for the things that come out of your mouth.”

“These concerts and these festivals want to pull him — that’s on them. But you know here’s the thing. It’s not these festivals or corporation’s jobs to do that,” he continued, prompting DJ Envy to point to a form of hypocrisy in the industry, as other artists seem to get away with hateful lyrics and comments without the same level of criticism.

Yee noted that DaBaby’s comments on HIV and the LGBTQ+ community became a “viral moment,” reasoning that festivals pulled him from their lineups due to outrage from fans.

“That’s really up to the people,” she added. “What are you outraged about?”

Charlamagne agreed, explaining that the festivals were not necessarily reacting to what DaBaby said, but were instead acting based on the backlash from fans and the LGBTQ+ community.

DJ Envy pointed to “numerous homophobic lyrics” by Eminem, claiming that he has never had a performance pulled due to his comments.

“Why do we attack DaBaby and they did never attack Eminem (sic)?” DJ Envy asked — Charlamagne quickly shutting down the claim.

“They did attack Eminem,” Charlamagne said, admitting that he could not name a festival or performance the rapper had been pulled from.

The host went on to note that Eminem did apologize and share a stage with Elton John after the backlash — a performance many viewed as a way for the rapper to repair his image and standing with the LGBTQ+ community.

“And that’s what DaBaby just did,” Yee added. “He apologized after the backlash.”

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