Fox News’ Bill Hemmer Suggests ‘Cancel Culture Has Been Canceled’ While Introducing Louis C.K.’s Grammy Win


Fox News’ Bill Hemmer questioned if “cancel culture has been canceled” while discussing Louis C.K.’s win at the 2022 Grammy Awards.

“Louis CK secures a win at the Grammys, his first in years after he was cut off from comedy over sexual misconduct,” Hemmer said. “Jimmy Failla to tell us if cancel culture has been canceled!”

Failla later joined Hemmer and Dana Perino on America’s Newsroom to analyze the win, suggesting that the public has now issued “sentencing guidelines” for disgraced public figures.

“Everybody dismisses is us when we say this. When we say to entertainers, ‘Stay in your lane,’ we aren’t trying to silence them, we aren’t trying to marginalize their views,” Failla said to Hemmer and Perino on Monday. “We’re telling them they can help the country more by giving us a common culture that brings us together.”

Perino went on to note that the public “tried to cancel” Moran Wallen when he was caught on video using the N-word, but that they couldn’t because “the fans love him.”

She then pointed to C.K., who won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album, arguing that the comedian has made a comeback since he confessed to making women watch or listen to him masturbate without their consent.

“Maybe we now have sentencing guidelines,” Failla said. “Meaning up until now somebody who has run afoul of polite society could only be punished by career death. If you did something wrong to the mob you are gone — not coming back.”

He went on to argue that C.K.’s win could be a sign that the public is now focusing on the art instead of the artist, and has allowed him to come back into the spotlight.

After claiming that artists were “punished by career death” following a blunder, Failla highlighted that Chris Brown won a Grammy in 2012 after assaulting Rihanna in 2009.

“The only person I wanna keep away from my Grammys is Andrew Cuomo,” he added. “That’s it.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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