Jerry Seinfeld Challenges Jimmy Fallon to Improve His Seinfeld Impression


Jerry Seinfeld shared some advice with Jimmy Fallon on this Thanksgiving — critiquing one of his notorious impressions.

While on Thursday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Seinfeld poked fun at Fallon for failing to update his impression of him.

“Whenever I come on your show, the audience expects you’re going to do me. Everyone thinks that you will do me cause you have this great impression of me,” Seinfeld said. “Everybody thinks it’s the best one. I want you to know that I’ve enjoyed it over the years, too.”

Fallon has seemingly perfected his Seinfeld impression throughout the years, but Seinfeld noted that it hasn’t changed in quite some time, challenging him to “to evolve to the next iteration of who I am.”

“You do The Comedy Club ’85 Jerry,” Seinfeld told Fallon. “We’re all ready for you to move forward to the next Jerry.”

Before the late-night host showed off his new and improved impression, he played impressive clips from fans around the world reading bits from Seinfeld’s latest book Is This Anything.

After a French fan nailed Seinfeld’s “Mad Cow” bit, Fallon got on the stage to perform Seinfeld’s bit about the post office, earning quite a few laughs from the stand-up legend.

“You brought the maturity of the years. The condescension that only comes with age,” Seinfeld said following the performance, clearly satisfied with the improved impression.

Fallon later explained that “seen” is the perfect word to help practice his Seinfeld impression, adding that it would be a great “one-word impression” before suggesting that his next book title should be “Have you seen yourself?”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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