Nobody Is Satisfied With Blake Shelton’s ‘Apology’ For His Racist, Homophobic Tweets


Last we checked, Blake Shelton is a country singer, not a comedian- and he should definitely stick with what he knows because as a comedian, he’s supremely untalented. In a series of headline-making Tweets that resurfaced over the weekend he refers to an ex as a “fat b*tch,” and in one particularly racist moment he says he wishes the “d*ckhead in the next room would either shut up or learn some English” so Shelton could know “what he’s going to bomb.” And those are just a few of them. This week, his “apology,” in which he tries to pass these Tweets off as “comedy,” calling it a “major part of his career” is big news:

Gee, we can’t imagine why Comedy Central hasn’t given him a half hour special yet…

The Internet isn’t buying it either. The Huffington Post called it “the worst non-apology.” Paper Magazine wrote, “Blake has ‘apologized’ for the arsenal of ghoulishly offensive past Tweets that have recently resurfaced.”

The Twitterverse, of course had a lot to say:

In the meantime, Page Six is reporting that NBC’s The Voice is doing damage control and it’s primarily in the form of threats. They are reporting that NBC said they would cut off coverage of The Voice for a “certain entertainment news site” if it didn’t pull its coverage of the situation and stop writing about it.  And it seems the threats worked. Page Six says that “while links to stories about the fan backlash and his family’s reaction can still be found on a certain entertainment news site, by Tuesday they led to blank pages.”

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