Vicente Fox Says Mexican Govt Should Reject Trump: ‘You Cannot Work With a Crazy Guy’

Fox“You cannot work with a crazy guy,” former Mexican President Vicente Fox said of Donald Trump.

Speaking to Vice News, Fox explained that he didn’t like the last statement made by the Mexican government, promising to work with whomever is elected the next President of the United States. “I don’t accept that,” he said.

He added that he would recommend handling Trump the way he had handled other world leaders he had deemed to be unfit, like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. “You eat and you go home,” he said.

“I cannot accept in terms of good behavior or political correctness to accept to have as my neighbor country’s president a crazy guy,” he added. “I have to speak now.”

Fox has been fiercely critical of Trump, drawing attention earlier in the election cycle for affirming, “I’m not going to pay for that fucking wall,” calling him an “ugly American” and “hated gringo,” and saying that Trump’s rhetoric reminded him of Hitler.

The current Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has also criticized Trump, saying of his campaign, “That’s how Mussolini got in, that’s how Hitler got in. They took advantage of a situation, a problem perhaps, which humanity was going through at the time. We don’t want that happening anywhere in the world.”

[h/t Vice]

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Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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