WATCH: Ann Romney Makes ‘Mitt-Loaf Cakes’ For Rachael Ray

A member of Ann Romney’s family (the relationship remains unclear, but she’s allegedly named “Mary”) claims she “learned how to cook” from two women: Ann and Rachael Ray. And thus, an excuse for Rachael and Ann to host an episode of The Rachael Ray Show together was born! Well, that, and FLOTUS got to do an episode, so fair is fair, etc.

Plus, the demo of Mitt Romney’s favorite “Mitt-loaf Cakes” offered Rachael a gift she seldom receives when real chefs do segments: someone who agrees with her mantra about how cooking is about getting messy. We’ll spare you the lecture you about the importance of keeping your station clean.

Further culinary highlights:

  • -Ann Romney calls ground beef as a raw ingredient “hamburger.”
  • -She serves her Mittloaf cakes with unseasoned steamed vegetables, which appear to have been sitting in their own steam water for about as long as the ones in your high school cafeteria.
  • -Au gratin potatoes, which look delicious and full of cream and butter and cheese.
  • -Rotisserie chicken tips! Buy your rotisserie chicken at the end of your grocery trip, so that it doesn’t steam up your other cart items! Ann Romney could totally make an awesome store-bought rotisserie chicken in a Top Chef challenge, you guys.
  • -A Costco trip to feed a family of 30, which involves buying those gross frozen cream puffs for dessert.

Style highlights include Ann Romney’s turquoise housecoat.

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