WATCH: Chris Cosentino Encounters Brooklyn Hipsters For The First Time

While there’s definitely a food porn aspect in watching Chris Cosentino eat around New York City (hello, large intestine yakitori at Takashi!), it also serves as a litmus test to find who is, and who is not, a hipster. As a test subject, Cosentino is perfect, since this video captures the very first time that he’s ever visited Brooklyn (in his defense, it was a super obscure borough that he probably didn’t know about).

Initial hypothesis: Subject asserts that he is not a hipster. “So we’re gonna see skinny jeans, bad sunglasses, low v-neck t-shirts. Did I miss anything?”

Experiment: Take test subject to Maison Premiere to eat oysters and interact with variety of hipsters found in nature, from “smelly flannel-wearing male poets” to “Asian waitress with vintage dresses”.

Results: Hipster #23 calls out subject for wearing hipster glasses.

Conclusion: Cosentino is a proto-hipster (given his age, prominence, and possession of a successful career).

[h/t Grub Street]

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