WATCH: Clinton Kelly Admits Chrissy Teigen Could Turn Him; She Assures, ‘I’ve Been With Plenty Of White Boys’

This is what happens when supermodels pass as “foodies”; mass chaos breaks out. Chrissy Teigen (whom, for the record, we’ve loved ever since the time she admitted to “drinking pizza” while Xanax’d out on a flight) guest starred on The Chew today to demo something about chicken pineapple lettuce cups. We don’t know. We weren’t really paying attention because all we could watch was this exchange, which got way too racy for ABC Daytime Talk way too quickly, causing Clinton Kelly to completely fall apart, lose control of the segment, burn the chicken, and slowly choke his way to commercial break as smoke filled the studio. Job well done, Chrissy.

Check out the clip below.

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