Tonight in Food TV: Dana Cowin Makes Top Chef-testants Stop Putting Eggs on Everything

Now, now, chefs. Dana Cowin isn’t an evil, heartless little gremlin. She’s simply trying to highlight that there are certain overhyped ingredients and food trends that need to take a rest for a little while. As a self-identified Food Person, don’t you grow weary of your friends slobbering themselves over every little bacon dish? Imagine how the editor of Food & Wine Magazine feels.

For tonight’s Top Chef: New Orleans Quickfire, the contestants draw knives with some Dana-scorned food trend on them, trying to prove that they’re still worthy of being on a menu. Her dislike for dumping an egg on top of everything, though, is making some of the chefs sad. Check out a sneak peek below and tune into tonight’s Top Chef: New Orleans at 10pm on Bravo.

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