Danny Bowien Sues Over Mice in Mission Chinese, Because Landlords Are Evil

It’s about to get ugly (and gross and filled with mice poop) up in here.

According to DNA Info, Danny Bowien and his team at Mission Chinese are going legal on Mission Chinese’s landlord’s ass, suing Abraham Noy to the tune of $500,000. They say the space at 154 Orchard Street was not up to building codes, and when (mouse) shit hit the fan and “structural issues contributed to a rodent problem so severe that a ‘cesspool; of sludge and mouse corpses was discovered in a storage closet,” the landlord wouldn’t pay up for repairs.

Read that again: A “cesspool” of SLUDE AND MOUSE CORPSES. You’ve got to feel good about that one time you got a table at Mission Chinese, huh? Continue.

Bowien and his partners allege that problems started from the very opening of the restaurant:

… The eatery’s backyard dining space had been constructed illegally, and would have needed hundreds of thousands of dollars of work to bring it up to code, the lawsuit said. The Department of Buildings issued a violation to Mission Chinese for the illegal construction, though it was done before the restaurant took over the space, according to the suit.

The other major issue was a rodent infestation that appeared soon after Mission Chinese moved into the space and worsened when workers began excavating a vacant lot next-door, the suit says.

We will spare the details, but it’s all gross. The team began fighting Noy to get out of its lease (mind you, after closing after a DOH shut-down from which they’ve yet to reopen) in April, and allege that the inhabitable space has caused them “immeasurable harm” to the restaurant’s reputation.

You must feel a whole lot better now, huh Dominique Ansel?

[DNA Info h/t Eater]

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