WATCH: David Chang And Traci Des Jardins Try Space Tofu At NASA

Spoiler alert: Freeze-dried, vacuum-sealed tofu in hot mustard, developed by NASA’s Space Food Systems Laboratory for consumption on the International Space Station is not delicious. On the bright side, crawfish seem to have taken their revenge upon the humans in the crawfish Étouffée pouch, which looks equally vomitrocious.

Newly crowned James Beard Outstanding Chef David Chang and Traci Des Jardins visited the Food Systems Lab to do a little space food tasting, and, needless to say, developing better space food needed to be a Top Chef challenge ten seasons ago.

Dehydrated Kona Coffee in a Capri Sun pouch, however? Not half-bad! Bonus: it’s un-spillable, which is perfect for clumsy morning Chang.

Check out the two tasting videos below.

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