WATCH: Richard Blais Attempts A Dim Sum Burger, Arousing Ire Of Asian YouTube Trolls


We saw this coming from a mile away. Because next to watching hardcore burger porn, and learning the fundamentals of aromatics and how they work, our favorite part of Burger Lab with Richard Blais is the inevitable deluge of “you’re so racist” comments from the peanut gallery of the culture whose cuisine Blais is inspired by in a given Lab. See: the ire of the Swedish when he crafted an Ikea Burger (which, for the record, looked delicious).

Naturally, when he tackled a Dim Sum Burger, complete with a little Chinese lesson thrown in for authenticity’s sake, commenters were quick to come down on him for his poor tonal quality, his mispronunciation of Kecap Manis (not to mention his mistakenly attributing it to China, when it’s really Malaysian — where have we heard that before?), and his highly offensive and “stereotypical” use of Chinese takeout containers. REALLY, GUYS? Shut up and feast your eyes on this delicious bao burger. Honestly.

Lessons for all celeb chefs: Make flash cards to learn the origins of your favorite Asian condiments before you use them in a demo. It’ll just be easier for you.

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