Viet Pham Thinks Food Network Star Judges Are Hard On Him ‘Because Of The Iron Chef Thing’

We’ve all acknowledged what a pitiful joke this season of Food Network Star is: not only have they done away with the mentor format, but they’ve also completely abandoned the “Pitch Meeting” eliminations (not even Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson could be bothered this year). Plus, the contestants are also mostly recycled reality show contestants from other Food Network shows.

For example: the obvious favorite to win, as he’s the only competent chef, stable “personality,” and regular human, Viet Pham. Only problem — as we’ve pointed out — he’s already won an Iron Chef showdown versus Bobby Flay and been named Food & Wine Best New Chef; he’s sort of too famous to even be on the show, in our opinion. And he’s finally starting to agree.

On last night’s episode, he wound up in the bottom three after making a boring macerated berry dessert. Alton Brown pretty harshly went after Pham’s lack of showy on-camera technique (you know, because he’s a normal person with normal hair who doesn’t speak in catchphrases), and Pham fired right back with his suspicion that he was being judged unfairly in comparison to the other contestants because of his prior achievements.

Oh sweetie, they’re not judging you harshly because of the Iron Chef thing; they’re judging you harshly because you’re the only person who could possibly take the title, and they really need to take you down every once in a while so that it doesn’t seem like favoritism when you inevitably win. Chin up, dear.

Check out the clip below.

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