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WATCH: Eric Ripert & Jay McInerney Describe Wine In Terms Of Angelina Jolie’s Breasts, Probably Get An Editor Fired

This is pretty painful, so we’re going to attempt to tread cautiously. Eric Ripert invited his friend and literary bad boy Jay McInerney to guest star on his latest episode of On the Table. They hit all the standard talking points — the impact of Jay’s novel Bright Lights, Big City; his experience with cocaine culture in New York; his habit of dating dramatic women; his depression, which ultimately lead to being placed on anti-depressants and taking a job as a wine editor. You know, the usual. (Sidebar: we could have told you that becoming a wine editor cures depression. Where’s our PhD?)

And, in sampling the fancy bottle that Eric broke out for Jay, the host asked him to review it using his signature off-beat descriptors: cars, actresses, sex, etc.

“This wine definitely has cleavage, you know,” Jay mused. “This could almost be Angelina Jolie. I wrote Angelina’s first part [in the film Gia]…Frankly her breasts are worth far more than any of the words I brought to the page.”

Oof. Okay, we’re sure this episode taped before Angie’s groundbreaking op-ed about her choice to have a preventative double mastectomy and subsequent reconstructive surgery due to her high genetic risk of developing breast cancer was released. We’re sure these poor men had no idea that Jolie’s breasts of olde would soon no longer be with us, and this was a totally innocent, reverent review of both wine and lady parts.

But could an editor somewhere along the way not have left this particular exchange on the cutting room floor out of sensitivity? We’re cringing.

You can check out the whole episode below.

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